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For fans of video games the name Square Enix may be known for its affiliation with the Final Fantasy Series. Square Enix are also responsible for a range of franchises, including Deus Ex and Tomb Raider. Over the years, the Japanese company has released several Final Fantasy games, each aiming to offer a rich fantasy world full of role playing adventure.

As the Final Fantasy numerical gradually increases, with Final Fantasy XV around the corner, Square Enix aim to present an entertaining offering as gamers await the next instalment in the series. Titled World of Final Fantasy, Square Enix aims to draw from the rich legacy of Final Fantasy and in a game which may feature some familiar faces.

Developed and published by Square Enix, World of Final Fantasy aims to return to the more traditional turn based strategy elements seen in previous games. The difference is this time there’s an emphasis on collectable creatures which are called Mirages. These Mirages are collected during encounters and may later be used and combined in various ways, offering a new dynamic element to gameplay. Mirages come in different sizes, from the cute to the burly, and feature different traits which may help gamers through their adventure in several ways.



When refraining to befriend Mirages, players are given the choice to explore the fantasy world and customise their character’s abilities. The diverse landscape of World of Final Fantasy features towering mountains up high and treasure filled caves below in a world ideal for exploration. Mini games, shops and inns provide a peaceful distraction from a varied world and may often yield intriguing results.

As players spend time in the World of Final Fantasy, and explore its nuances, they might encounter a range of characters which inhabit this land. The protagonist’s, and the characters whose journey unfolds, are a pair of twins: the energetic Lann and the level-headed Reynn. Lann and Reynn’s call to adventure take the form of their enigmatic past and their journey to rediscover their lost memories.

Scattered throughout the world are various characters which may aid the twin’s journey, and one thing audiences may notice is the distinct appearance of some of these characters. Many of the character players bear a resemblance to Japanese anime characters described as “Chibi”. This slang word may mean a cute short/miniature person which may be an accurate description of some of the characters which reside in this world.



Many of these Chibi characters are miniature versions of classic Final Fantasy characters; from a pint-sized version of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII to scaled down Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII; Square Enix aims to pay homage to the legacy of Final Fantasy. Fans of Final Fantasy may find themselves delighted to find these uniquely designed versions of their favourite characters.

By drawing upon the history of the Final Fantasy series Square Enix might be aiming for a wider audience with this release; fans may find something here as they delve into the World of Final Fantasy. Furthermore, the bright and colourful aesthetic gives this release a lighter tone which may appeal to gamers of all ages.

This stylistic offering from Square Enix aims to provide an authentic Final Fantasy experience while innovating in areas, like the introduction of Mirages, and sporting an eye-catching cast of characters. This multi-coloured adventure may be just what games may need while they await the release of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV.

How might Square Enix aim to deliver a unique Final Fantasy experience while paying homage to the established franchise?


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