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Nikiyi Cooper, aged 8 years old

Nature is a wonderful thing. We get everything from nature: metal, brick, material. Nature gives us so many things to write about: its life, its warmth and many things more. The house you live in and everything in it was once a part of the earth and the clothes you wear come from nature too (did you know silk comes from a silk worm? They create this webbed material that has a silky feel.)

If you think about it the earth provides everything, back when there was zero fancy technology to modern day society mother nature has always been there to see us through to our most highest ability and survival, I think she at least deserves a thanks for all her work and help. I personally love nature; it gives us much so we are able to thrive on. I would like to see more, although to see a tree is sometimes enough for me.

Another thing about nature is the wonder and beauty it brings. Have you ever seen the sunshine through the richest green leaves on a crisp summer eve or the winking full moon on a late winter night? The beauty shines through in many ways, like the blooming blossoms on the trees in spring or the lovely warm colours of autumn, we should take time to just watch and see nature’s beauty. Imagine what the world would be like if we took care of this planet and all of its natural wonders. Earth itself is a natural wonder, it is lovely wonderful and exciting and no-one really knows how it came about, no-one knows how it was created exactly we all fantasise what happened and why it’s here and why we’re here on this planet, however until we have the real answer we need to enjoy it and take care of it as much as we can because it provides the basic needs of life.

The earth has been here longer then the amount of people on the planet, over seven billion years which is well over several million times bigger than the amount of years the average human is expected to live. That means we should be more appreciative of what there is on offer because it is the foundation for all our homes and the beginning of our existence. We need nature to survive; what it does everyday helps us, like dung beetles cleaning up dung and bees pollinating plants. We all need nature; we all use it so I thank nature and all its natural properties.

Nature is an all-round good thing, it helps us make materials to use as construction or for every day things. Love nature, appreciate nature and all the things which it has to offer you.


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