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Pixar Animation Studios first entered society’s collective consciousness back in 1995, with a film about friendship and toys coming to life. This film was Toy Story; the first feature-length computer animated film released which seemed to receive critical acclaim and widespread attention. Pixar combined technological achievement and seemed to cohesively infuse it with characters and a seemly heart-warming story, aiming to demonstrate their ability to capture the human imagination. Pixar’s ability to tap into basic human emotion sees their films aiming to resonate with audiences in a magical way, which may bring people together through, shared understanding. With the release of Finding Dory imminent, audiences may see another distinct Pixar offering.

In 2003 Pixar released a film titled Finding Nemo, a film about the lengths a father may go to rescue his son, Nemo. Upon release, Finding Nemo set new box office records and won Pixar an Oscar for the best-animated feature of 2003. In Finding Nemo an array of eccentric characters is introduced, most notably among them a forgetful blue tang fish by the name of Dory.

This year, Dory gets her own film, continuing from Finding Nemo, in Finding Dory, the titular character seems to begin wondering about her own family. After Dory experiences a flood of memories she is immediately motivated to track down her family. This results in Nemo’s friend embarking an adventure of her own, with her mysterious past providing the motive for an undersea adventure in search of Dory’s parents.

Ellen DeGeneres reprises her role as the titular character she first lent her voice to 13 years ago. Ellen DeGeneres is known as the host of multiple Emmy Award-winning talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In her portrayal of Dory, Ellen aims to breathe life optimistic energy into the character and remind audiences to “Just keep swimming”. In Finding Dory, Pixar aims to build upon the themes of family, as this sequel aims to make it a reoccurring theme in which the film revolves around

Finding Dory, The importance of family

Finding Dory credit@WaltDisneyPictures

Pixar aims to take viewers across land and sea emphasising the vast distance Dory may travel to reunite with her family. It’s this emphasis on family, which may allow Finding Dory to resonate with viewers. Family helps children to form their first relationships and influences their perception of the world. As Dory travels through the ocean she meets an array of sea life; from a whale shark to a brightly coloured octopus, Dory aims to build relationships with a host of unique characters in the search for her family.

As seen in Finding Nemo, Finding Dory aims to appeal to a wide audience and draw them in with memorable moments, innovative characters and entertaining dialogue. It’s in these shared moments, laughing at on-screen characters, which may bring families closer and strengthen the bonds between them. Ellen DeGeneres’s portrayal of Dory and her colourful attitude may have managed to capture the imagination of movie goers worldwide. Despite the vast adventure and new friends Dory has made, a family still remains an aspect vitally important to her identity.

By reminding viewers of the importance of family, audiences might empathise with Dory and understand her situation. Families have assembled over various activities and the film is another medium, which may facilitate this.

Pixar reels in viewers through their colourful cast of large-eyed sea life and seems to underline it with thought-provoking themes about family. These themes of family audiences might be able to identify with, which may allow Finding Dory to achieve widespread attention. Couple these themes with Pixar’s reputation for quality and attention to detail and Finding Dory may be a film families of all sizes might gravitate towards. Each Pixar film may stand as a vibrant vignette which explores human emotion and serves to carry thought-provoking messages to viewers. In the case of Finding Dory, even a fictional fish may teach audiences about the importance of family.

Finding Dory Releases in the UK Friday 29th July

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