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Maleficent as a child. She lives in a wonderess place, full of mystical creatures, on the other side of the human kingdom. Credit disney

Film review by Nikiya Cooper, aged 10 years old

A few days ago I watched a great movie called Maleficent. I am sure many of you may have heard of this movie, since it has been advertising since last year. The movie was based on sleeping beauty’s or Aurora’s villain, it was the story explaining why maleficent cursed sleeping beauty and it gave an alternative ending to the original story.

The story starts with Maleficent as a child. She lives in a wondrous place, full of mystical creatures, on the other side of the human kingdom. She is a fairy unlike any other who resembles a girl with the exception of having large black horns and marvelous strong, long, black wings. She finds a human named Stefan ascondingly helping himself from the forest, and sets him out on his way. They grow fond of one another and become good friends. Stefan shares with Maleficent his dream to live in the castle because he was unable to live his entire life being poor. Years passed and they grew to love each other a lot and on Maleficent’s 16th birthday they share a kiss which is referred to as true loves kiss. Years later Stefan goes to live as a servant for the king. The humans are uneasy of their neighbours home and the king hatches a plan to conquer it, so he tries to start a quarrel.

Wonderful magical characters in Maleficent! Credit@via relayit

Wonderful magical characters in Maleficent! Credit@via relayit

Maleficent does performs malignant actions upon the king who is left a few short days to live; he talks to his sons, with Stefan present in the room that he wants Maleficent begone indefinitely. Stefan goes to see Maleficent after many years of absence, she forgives him and they make up; however in her sleep Stefan takes her wings, leaving her in affliction . He tells the king she’s unable to be with us any longer and becomes king himself. This turns her rancorous and into the sorcerer that is recognised in the original sleeping beauty. She finds a servant, which is the black crow; she saves his life and does this by turning him into a man. Maleficent is now the queen of the forest, ruling over it with a unrelenting inequitable attitude creating great peril in what was once a most joyous and peaceful place.  She finds that Stefan is to have a child and will be having a christening, she invites herself and puts a spell on the baby Aurora, many of you will know this from the original story and says “the curse can only be severed with true loves kiss”

Angelina Jolie fabulous character as Disney's MALEFICENT..Maleficent (Angelina Jolie)..Photo Credit: Film Frame..©Disney 2014

Angelina Jolie fabulous character as Disney’s MALEFICENT..Maleficent (Angelina Jolie)..Photo Credit: Film Frame..©Disney 2014

I feel that the advertisement leading up to the movie was wonderfully put together. You get the impression that Maleficent is excitingly unpleasant however, when you watch the movie you begin to realise that she becomes this way because of the decisions of another.

I feel Angelina Jolie portrays the character very well and I was particularly impressed with her English accent and I felt that she was good at expressing the character through body language too because Maleficients character did relinquish to speak very much.

The movie was very well acted by all the cast members; I was really taken in by the movie it felt almost as if you were there.

There was a twist to the ending which I thought was lovely. Maleficent got her wings back all beautiful and strong in the mists of a challenging situationwith the ruler king Stefan. Maleficent and Aurora become queens of both kingdoms yet the best bit is was that true loves kiss was neither from the prince, although of Maleficent.

If you have been able to see Maleficent, whats your favourite part of the film?


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