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Kate creates wonderful yoga spaces for children and make yoga fun for them.

As a children’s yoga instructor, Mini Me Yoga founder Kate Bartram-Brown knew the children in her weekly classes were experiencing the benefits of yoga and positive thinking. However, she realised the way to make an impact might be to partner with parents, childcare providers and teachers to offer children access to these benefits on a daily basis.

Preventative spiritual and physical healthcare is one of the big reasons Bartram-Brown started Mini Me Yoga. “Our children are still being educated in the same system which requires us as adults to seek out self help books. If we are able to help children grow up with a positive mind-set and healthy body, they might far from have to do all the work – as we do now– when they get to adulthood,” states Brown.

Mini Me Yoga is global.

Mini Me Yoga is global.

Mini Me Yoga, an international company has brought the power of positive thinking and wellness to children all over the world. Through the Mini Me Yoga Two-Hour  workshop, Kate creates a way to share it with parents; childcare providers and teachers in turn are able to share it with their children. Mini Me Yoga’s programs focus on the practices and traits of successful entrepreneurs and legendary leaders: mindfulness; introspection; the ability to stay positive in the face of adversity and uncertainty; as well as an attitude of gratitude and compassion for ourselves and those around us.

With the ability to share with more parents, childcare providers and teachers, it became a logical step to train people how to run the workshops themselves, thus expanding the Mini Me Yoga reach and spreading the joy. Now the joy is spread around the world – over 26 countries and counting. With over 200 ambassadors trained so far. 

the Jupital had the pleasure to meet up with Kate and ask her some questions about her passion of Mini Me Yoga:

the Jupital: When did you start Mini Me Yoga and what motivated you start yoga for children?

“I started Mini Me Yoga when I was living in the Middle East in 2010; I had sold my business and had used positive thinking all my life to create a successful business and life. I realised the self help movement was booming for adults however what was there to support children? I worked combining my years of training in yoga, meditation, and positive thinking techniques and began testing out a program with children in Middle East, living with PTSD. It was great fun and a success! I retooled the program and redesigned it to the Mini Me Yoga program we have today.” 

the Jupital: What makes Mini Me Yoga unique to other yoga movements?

“We empower the adults to “learn how to fish,” when it comes to bringing these tools to the children in their lives. In a succinct 2 Hour Workshop for Grownups, any adult is able to learn the fundamental magic behind the 15 Minutes to Happy, Healthy Kids program and begin adding joy, social/emotional development, confidence, and physical fitness through fun yoga games, meditation, mindfulness, and positive thinking techniques into their classroom and or home right away. Mini Me Yoga is a Certified Professional Development approved program in the United Kingdom and Europe and has Ambassadors, who lead any number of the workshops, in 26 countries around the world!” 

Parents are able to obtain Mini Me Sessions to gain understanding how to teach children to do yoga

Parents are able to obtain Mini Me Yoga Sessions to gain understanding how to teach children to do yoga.

the Jupital: How does yoga benefit children and is it healthy for children?

“Yoga is an ancient practice, which everyone is attuned with naturally. Bringing yoga into children’s lives affirms them, builds confidence, increases the immune system, helps their growing bodies become stronger, helps their bodies process and eliminate emotions, and be able to better self-regulate which in turn helps them focus better and be more ready to learn.” 

the Jupital: What impact has Mini Me yoga had on children?

“We reach thousands of children each week and all of them are unique. The program is designed for each child to grow emotionally, socially, mentally as well as physically. We have children of all abilities, levels, socio-economic status, and many who require additional services at school for Autism and or other neuro diverse needs which use the program with a wide range of positive effects.  We are presently collecting data, worldwide on the use of Mini Me Yoga in the classroom and at home and honing in on the effects it has across the board. Seeing children with communication challenges going from emotionally challenged children to fun-loving children who express their concerns, or children with confidence challenges blossom and’ letting go’ of the concern of being correct or incorrect.”

Kate helps children wellbeing by offer yoga as part of their lifestyles.

Kate helps children wellbeing by offering yoga as part of their lifestyles.

the Jupital: If you were able to achieve one goal to improve the health and wellness for children what might this be?

“My goal is unlimited adults join in on the mission for a joy-filled childhood for the children in their lives and be this bringer of joy and connect with others on this mission. Every child felt safe to express themselves and be in JOY!” 

More information regarding Mini Me Yoga, Kate Bartram-Brown and sessions may be found on their website

What other techniques are there to help improve children’s wellbeing?


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