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Duncan Price is helping other improve their mindsets.

A small, yet powerful moment of Duncan Price’s childhood became an important part of who he is which lead to the vital part of creating the business he has today. At approximately 7 years of age, Duncan was eating in his garden when his mother brought him a drink. The drink was in his favourite cup along with a spiral straw. His mother took a sip and this drove to Duncan to react in a manner of which struck an emotional chord of melancholy as she far from asked for permission to drink from Duncan’s cup. Duncan darted off to his room and reflected on the way he reacted to the situation. He realised then the reaction might have been far from a logical response, however, as a child it mattered vastly and he decided at this age he aimed to make a difference in his mindset.

About 12 years ago, Duncan met a hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist explained the difference between ‘stage hypnosis’ and hypnotherapy, explaining how natural hypnosis is and how powerful it may be. Duncan researched further into hypnosis which led to conversations and knowledge enabling Duncan to take the time to train and develop his understanding of the mind. With training and further understanding, Duncan set up a business offering hypnotherapy, NLP and other techniques to help people enjoy productive and healthy life changes. Duncan aims to educate his client to be more responsible for their lives. He states “Change your reactions = change your outcomes.”

Duncan enjoys working with others to help improve their mindset.

the Jupital had the opportunity to ask Duncan some questions:

the Jupital: What is the most interesting thing you have learned about yourself as you have developed throughout your career?

 The most interesting thing I have learned about myself, as I’ve developed through my career, is how much I am capable of. The human mind is an amazing thing and by working with it one may achieve so much more than I had ever imagined. There are many limiting beliefs to which people subscribe and breaking those beliefs is amazingly empowering, offering great opportunities of self development.

the Jupital: What advice might you suggest to someone who is keen to setup their own business?

 “Do it”. If you want it, you have to make it happen. If it is unable to go a certain direction to begin with then use this to learn from, adjust as needed and find a new approach – embrace your experiences, embrace feedback. Step out of your comfort bubble and you experience new things.

the Jupital: What do you think the most important aspect to ones well being is?

The most important aspect to ones wellbeing is mindset. It’s the foundation on which wellbeing is built. People may often make their reactive decisions when mentally uncalm, looking after one’s mental health and focusing ones mindset allows for better decision making and greater awareness of ones own needs. All too often I have seen people focusing on money as if this may be answer to all their challenges. Yet with the correct mindset the money flows and the challenges release.

Some of the individuals Duncan has help improve their mindsets.

Many clients who come to Duncan have challenges with emotions and confidence. Duncan supports them with a free guide to enjoying a better quality sleep. Sleep may be vital for many functions in individual’s lives and offers this guide with the aim it may offer his clients and individuals relief and ease with their lives.

Another unique sector of Duncan’s business is Wedding Confidence Workshops, an informal 3-hour workshop, working with wedding parties to create a fun, relaxing and enjoyable wedding day! He believes one’s wedding day may be one of the most important day of a couple’s life. The workshop offers simple yet effective techniques to overcome highly intensive emotions and replace it with feelings of calm confidence.

Within the workshop, Duncan works with family members of the bridal couple, the bride, and groom on delivering such techniques as calm speeches, relaxing photos and enjoying the first dance. Offering it as a workshop allows the couple to invite their closest friends/family to join them to create a support network around them to make the day go smoothly and calmly.

Wedding Confidence Workshops are a brand new service for Duncan’s business launched within the last month, however, they have been overwhelmingly well received. He is looking forward to hear back from couples who have had the chance to put what they have learned into practice on the day. To learn more about Duncan’s Wedding Confidence Workshops and also any interest in any hypnotherapy, NLP, and other techniques session with Duncan click here.

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How might a healthy mindset gain ones confidence in their lives?


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