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For the mass of Egyptians, democracy does not lead to violence and disorder instead peace. Credit Photographer Mosa'ab Elshamy

Whilst the present news of Egyptian as a country transiting may have gained a significant amount of press coverage, it seems the productive aim of many to install democracy into the country may be overlooked. The aim of many protesters may be simple; they aim to uphold the principles of democracy within the present chaos-ridden country, demonstrating a belief in governance for the people, by the people; a solution to the dictatorial powers which seem to be possessed by presidents such as Mumbark in the past.

Democracy, in its liberal-democratic form, sees elections used to determine who is in power, effectively meaning the citizens of a country decide who has control over the laws which directly affect their lives. A faith in citizen-led politics may be seen within Egypt, as one  may need to remember about the thousands of peaceful Egyptian civilians who are supporting the call for democracy. Amidst reports of mass upheaval demonstrations from the interim, military-led government it may be easy to forget for many, their only desire aims to be a freer society in which to live which democracy may provide for them.

For the mass of Egyptians, democracy far from leads to unhealthy disorder and instead peaceful, unity demonstrations are being used as a tool for change. Undoubtedly there is a challenge regarding what is meant by democracy in Egypt; should the elected President Morsi be reinstated in accordance with the constitution approved by the people, or are the military right to enact a coup to remove Morsi and his dictatorial tendencies? Either way, it seems some of the media may far from remember the challenging which Egypt has endured. What may be important to understand is the seeds of democracy and democratic governance are growing, and in turn may act as a long-term solution to social upheaval within Egypt.

Democracy may be a system unlike anything seen in Egypt before 2011, however both the protesters in support of Morsi and the interim government have the aim of installing a democratic system which may be evidence Egypt is heading in the correct direction. The desire for democracy which now may seem so poignant throughout the country may be a far cry from the oppressive, authoritarian regimes of the past.

As a system, true representative democracy has its basis in the voice of the people through free and fair regular elections. Citizens are offered the right to choose who governs them, which in turn allows their voices to be heard and opinions expressed in the form of voting. Looking at past historic examples of the implementation of democracy, it may be seen  it has challenging process. In the case of Egypt and democracy,  people’s goals and dreams of unity show they aim to keep going in a peaceful manner.


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