The Silver Spoon of Solomon Snow

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The Silver Spoon of Solomon Snow is a great read!

Book review by Anna Salmon aged 8 years old

The Silver Spoon of Solomon Snow by Kaye Umansky is all about a boy called Solomon Snow, or Solly for short. Solly is ten and lives with his Ma and Pa in a tumbledown cottage at the top of the moor. The introduction, “How It Began,” tells us that Ma and Pa are the Scubbinses and that they found a little baby boy in a basket on their doorstep. Also in the basket were lots of expensive clothing – frilly, lacy, satin and velvet things – and the baby had a silver spoon in his mouth. Later we find out that the silver spoon was engraved with the letters ‘V.I.P.’

So the beginning of the story is a mystery. If the baby had rich parents, shown by the velvet, satin and the silver spoon, then who are they and why was the baby left outside a humble cottage?

Ma and Pa pretend that they are Solly’s real parents and pawn the spoon and the fancy clothes. Then one day Solly asks “why am I called Snow?” and his Ma changes the subject. He asks about a story he heard from his friend, Prudence Pridy, about a baby found on a doorstep in a box. Ma gets confused and gradually the whole story comes out.

Solomon decides to go and search for his spoon to see if it can help him find his real parents. The rest of the book is about his adventures, as he, Prudence Pridy and a girl called Rosabella (nicknamed The Prodigy) set out to find his parents, the spoon and the truth about why he was left at the Scubbinses.

I like this book because it’s adventurous and funny. I think it would be a very good book for people aged about seven to maybe ten years old. I think the best bit is when we meet his parents (before he finds them) and they are called Lord Charles and Lady Elvira. I like this bit because we can see that they are missing him. We discover that their baby was taken from them, rather than given up, and they really wish to have him back. He was their only child and heir, so he is very important.

Also in the story, Rosabella finds a rabbit and calls him Mr Skippy. Mr Skippy comes along for all the other adventures, which makes it more interesting, as he helps them to escape from tricky situations. Part of their adventure involves sleeping in a barn and riding on a cart to town. These are things I think sound like fun and which I might like to try.

My favourite character is Rosabella. I think she’s a bit like me and I can imagine doing some of the things she does! She’s very good at pleading and usually gets her own way, which makes her very useful for the group of friends. This book is the first in a series. I got it from the library and now I want to borrow the others!

What is the latest book you have read?


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