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Necknominations have gone viral around the world since 2011: Screen Shot flickr

The growing social trend described as an ‘online drinking game’ has hit its aim in achieving global status. Like all trends that stem from social media and are adopted by teenagers and young adults the ambition is to develop such a craze that it spreads worldwide. Coverage about Neknomination and even videos of the attempts can be found across all the national newspapers’ websites whilst being linked to contradicting articles. All press is good press. The philosophy of Neknominations is ready for a change and it’s easy to find enough ingredients to create an exciting, exotic, healthy pint alternative to vodka, gin and beer.

History of the game dates back to 2008, although it is not the first-ever video of someone downing a drink on camera, and the trend has since created high controversy all the way from Australia to Canada and in the UK. Former professional rugby player Ross Samson, who inadvertently helped spread the game across Britain has been quick to play down his role and wants the trend to end. The previous London Irish and Barbarians player told Irish Sunday Mirror: “ It has gone too far. The game started last year, I happened to do one at Christmas that got a lot of attention on my Facebook. It just snowballed.”

The snowball effect has lead to here. Where creative individuals are still caught up in the growing social obsession there is always a healthy alternative. Of course the concept of the game regards an element of surprise, imagination and strong stomach talents. Tuna milkshakes can be found on a host of bodybuilding websites whilst Jones Soda Company offer a limited edition turkey and gravy-flavoured pop if you are feeling adventurous. These drinks take some serious skill, some experimental flavour combinations and all come packed with their health benefits.

Kale juice. Kale is great for aiding digestion, can lower cholesterol levels and is packed full of nutrients, vitamins, folate and magnesium. Combined with other fruit and vegetables you can create the healthiest of all pints of juice. For this recipe one tbsp of fresh chopped ginger, one banana, ½ cup apple juice, one large apple, two kale leaves and a pinch of cinnamon is needed. The combination of ginger, which stimulates muscle contractions in the stomach, with kale and high potassium bananas is ideal for cleansing out your digestive system.

Tuna shake. Bodybuilders around the world are constantly experimenting with unusual ways to increase their protein intake. The invention of the protein shake is one of the most popular tools in helping sports personnel, gym lovers and people with active lifestyles replenish their broken cells with muscle-building protein combined with essential amino acids to support growth. The fish based D.I.Y version costs under £2.00 to comprise and contains 30g protein.

1/2 cup skimmed milk. One can tuna. Two tbsp of mustard. Two tbsp of flax oil. A squeeze of lemon. This combination of ingredients will supply you with omega 3 for flexibility, protein for muscle growth and calcium for bone strength. The mixture of tuna with lemon juice increases the protein absorption by 4.1% and supplies your body with iron to support your immune system.

Pickle-ade. Discovered a few years ago by NFL athletic trainers, pickle has the ability to starve off muscle cramps due to its mixture of salt, water and vinegar. Blended with some high in sugar lemonade you have the perfect recipe for an after-sports drink that replaces all minerals, salts and sugars that are eliminated in sweat with extra sodium, potassium and magnesium.

What is the most adventurous drink you have tried?


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