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Enid Blyton’s The Adventures of the Wishing Chair is such a fabulous book to read! Credit with thanks@ Egmont Publishing

Book review: Enid Blyton’s The Wishing Chair, by Anna Salmon, aged 7 years old.

The Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton is a very, very good book and it is all about two children called Peter and Mollie and their friend, a pixie called Chinky. The book tells us about their adventures. Here’s how it all starts: Mollie and Peter were going to get a birthday present for their mother and they went to an antiques shop to buy her a vase. When they went into the shop they saw a unique little man with pointed ears like a pixie. Interesting things happened in the shop, which made the children jump into a chair, which lifted their feet off the ground. While they were in the chair, Peter said, “I wish we were safely at home” and suddenly the chair grew wings and flew them home! This was the beginning of a huge collection of adventures!

Next the chair flies the children to a huge palace where a giant lives. Here they find Chinky, the little pixie, who has been made to work as a servant for the giant. They rescue him from the castle and take him home with them. From then on he lives with them and they do lots of things together.

One of my favourite adventures is called ‘The Magician’s Party’. This happens one afternoon when two elves come and ask to borrow the chair to go to a party which is being held by a magician called Magician Greatheart. As you can tell from his name, Magician Greatheart is very kind. The elves invite Mollie, Peter and Chinky to come too. When they get to the party, they dance and after that comes the supper. However the table for food and drink is empty! Then the magician says that they can each wish for one thing to eat and one thing to drink, whatever they most want. They each wish for different things, like honey lemonade and sugar biscuits, chocolate blancmange and a cream ice. Mollie wishes for cream buns and ginger beer and Peter wishes for treacle pudding and lemonade. They have an amazing dinner and then the magician says he will show them some magic. They sit on the floor and he does some lovely magic. At the end of the party the magician gives each of his guests a tiny egg which he says will hatch the next day. What comes out of the eggs is a wonderful surprise.

Somebody the children have to watch out for is Big-Ears the goblin, who takes their mother’s favourite ring. They use the magic wishing chair to help them get it back. It turns out that he has given it to the Snoogle, a creature with the head of a duck, the body of a dragon and the tail of a cat, so they have an even bigger adventure trying to get the ring back so they can return it to their mother.

I like this story because it is fun and exciting. I found it a very exciting book to read because it is full of surprises. Chinky takes them to lots of places on the chair, some of which are quite challenging, while others are really fun. However they always get home safely in the end.

I think it would be suitable for children aged six to nine, probably, who might like to read it for themselves. It would also make a good bedtime story book because all the stories end happily.

What is your all time favorite story? 


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