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The Wood Craft Folk group is such fun!

By Poppy Chesterman aged 10 years old

I go to a youth club called The Wood Craft Folk every Friday evening at 7:00pm with some of my best friends. The Wood Craft Folk is a national and international club for developing skills and experience throughout your life. It is a club for everyone, whatever your religion. Local and nationwide events take place, for example co-camp is a camp for every woodcraft member in England. Whether traditional or modern, a moto for the club is “Living off this Land”. The meaning of this moto is that we should be out and about doing things like climbing the tallest trees and getting to know new friends, instead of being at home watching TV all day.

It’s for all ages, young and old, and will accept anyone. The Woodcraft Folk’s other goals are to educate and empower young people to be able to join actively in society, improving their lives and the lives of others through active relationships. This club is amazing and good evidence of that is that I have been going since I was 5 years until now, 11 years old. When I started I encouraged some off my friends to join and now I get really excited when it’s Friday as I get to be with new and old friends.

You get to meet new friends!

You get to meet new friends!

A normal session of The Woodcraft Folk starts with us all sitting in a circle so all are equal. We then share important news about our lives or situations happening at other places we go to. Then an adult helper who is a parent of a child will organise that session, such as activities like singing woodcraft songs, driving to a forest and toasting marshmallows on a fire we built and playing co-operative games. As well as that on other sessions we go to a school hall and play running around games and then do drama or crafts. We also sometimes learn about challenges that are happening around the world.

We get to make different crafts!

We get to make different crafts!

I enjoy the camps the most. Some are nationwide, whilst others are just for our group or community. The camps are anything from a single night to two weeks. It’s an opportunity to make good friends as you share everything and now I see the same people every time I go on camp. When at camp, you set up your own tent provided by the club for either one or two of your friends. There are of course chores such as cooking, washing and even going into the forest to collect wood fire and water. This is so that we all work to help the community work well.

Its about making crafts and new friends!

Its about making crafts and new friends!

At our group night last week we chose a leader out of the children and they could then decide a sensible idea of what do to the following week. We all put forward ideas and then voted on which we really liked the best. Next week we have therefore planned to cook a mini dinner with a tin can and a candle under it, using the top as a frying pan. I have tried it before and, as well as being fun, it was delicious. We are also doing an activity called blind tin can challenge where you choose three cans each, not knowing what is inside as the label has been taken off. You then cook the food and see who can make the most appealing and scrumptious meal. It’s definitely going to be a challenge. The way we decided who was leader was that people who volunteered would put their hand up and say a mini speech about of why they think they would be a good leader. This is one of the things I love about The Wood Craft Folk, it’s always fair as well as fun. I’m so excited to try all the activities we planned next week!

What is your favorite craft to make?


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