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Super Mario Run is the new mobile game from Nintendo credit@Nintendo

Video game company Nintendo aims their hand at mobile games again this December with Super Mario Run. Although the Japanese developer may have entered the realm of mobile gaming before, this seems to be the first time they’ve brought their jumping mascot to smartphones. It was earlier this year when Nintendo released their social networking mobile app Miitomo. This app included Facebook and Twitter integration which aimed to allow players to create avatars and communicate with one another. Miitomo was released for iOS and Android earlier this year and marked the developers first mobile app for smartphone devices.

This first app may have introduced the developer to mobile development, yet this seemed to only be the beginning for the company. Nintendo also collaborated with Niantic studios earlier this year to create the augmented reality game Pokemon Go.

This December Nintendo aims to return to app development with their recognisable red and blue mascot. Featuring Mario in the spotlight, Nintendo aim to adapt the platforming aspects from the franchise’s console counterpart for smartphones. With Super Mario Run, Nintendo aims to introduce a new type of Mario game, which turns the familiar platforming formula into an auto-runner game. This means Mario continuously runs forward as players have to tap the screen to make him jump. Players may have to time their jumps as they bounce around an array of levels, gather coins and reach the goals for each stage.

Super Mario Run coming to iOS devices Credit@Nintendo

Super Mario Run coming to iOS devices Credit@Nintendo

With the plot only there to facilitate the platforming gameplay, players have to, once again, rescue Princes Peach from Bowser. To accomplish this players might have to clear 24 newly designed courses across 6 distinct worlds. With one handed play supported, players may find themselves tapping away as Mario runs through castles, airships and more. Super Mario Run aims to utilise the social features of modern smartphones and enable players to compete with one another. Players may set high scores and now challenge other Super Mario Run players to surpass their achievements.

In additional to new high scores as players aim to see who is the best coin collecting plumber, Super Mario Run aims to feature a customisation aspect which lets players create their own kingdoms. As players collect coins through their runs they may use this bounty to invest in creating a unique kingdom, complete with decorations and characters from the series.

These colourful characters may join Mario as he collects coins and impresses the kingdom with his acrobatic skills. This may result in players creating larger castles as their leaping and running skills continue to increase. With this feature implemented, players may be offered a unique opportunity to construct their own personalised mushroom kingdom. While attempting to make it to the end of each level in the fastest time possible, and also collecting the most coins, Super Mario Run aims to retain the core features the series may be known for. At its heart this mobile app aims to stay true to traditional Super Mario platforming as players navigate side scrolling plain which bears the same aesthetic look and charm of its console counterpart.

Although Nintendo may have had a hand in creating Pokemon Go, alongside developers Nitantic, and presented their first social app Miitomo, Super Mario Run may represent the companies attempts to bring their first party characters to mobile devices platform. Borrowing elements from the successful Super Mario Bros franchise, and condensing all the series themes into an accessible package, Nintendo’s newest smartphone release may allow a larger audience to experience Mario’s hurdling adventures. Nintendo aim to release Super Mario Run for iPhone and iPad 15th December 2016. Nintendo have announced they aim to release an Android version in 2017.

How does Super Mario Run aim to provide a new type of platforming experience to smartphone owners?


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