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Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, the leaders of the two respective nations. Credit

Upon the recent predicament between the US and North Korea, many high-ranking political influencers have vocalised their support for negotiations between the two nations, ultimately aiming to produce a rapid compromise. Whilst it may be a complex situation, it seems both of the countries’ leaders, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, seem to be striving to implement a philosophy which may productively impact their respective nations, and this may in turn lead to an influx of support as they showcase the necessary credentials to be a proficient leader. Yet, with the leaders perhaps preparing for the climax of their debate, with nuclear technology potentially involved in this conclusion, other world leaders’ influence may be pivotal in ensuring the conclusion solely occurs via discussions, resulting in a fair and safe compromise for all, rather than the alternative.

During Trump’s presidential campaign, he seemed to focus on a nationalistic undertone, with his overarching desire to unite the United States, and showcase their capabilities compared to the rest of the globe, a key feature point in attaining votes. This may be the main factor as to why he seems to be aiming to nullify North Korea’s desire to achieve certain goals, as this seem to be contrasting to Trump’s ideology of protecting the American population, and the predominant philosophies the nation holds. With the US one of the most populated countries in the world, and boasting a significant degree of influence, showcasing their ability to bypass differing political opinions to come to a resolution may be a trait replicated by the rest of the globe.

With the USA amongst the largest countries in terms of armed capabilities, it seems they may be held in the best stead to act as the catalyst in implementing global peace and, considering the country also boasts a wide array of allies, including Britain, they may play a key role in ensuring unity between all. With Kim having previously announced his quest to intervene in Guam, Trump’s stance may be laying the foundations in ensuring safety for his citizens; with the US possessing multiple allies, he may also have the necessary support to accomplish this proclamation. As such, this situation seems to be taking precedence in current affairs, as the actions of multiple countries, and other complex global predicaments, may be part of productively impacting both nations.

Jeremy Corbyn is amongst the politicians who vocalised their support for a peaceful resolve. Credit @socialistsense via Facebook.

Considering the armed capabilities both sides seem to possess, the intervention of other high-ranking politicians may be important in ensuring the safety for the entirety of both nations’ populations. Amongst these influencers seem to be Jeremy Corbyn who, as part of key opposition to Trident, and nuclear options in general, may thus possess the credentials to impact the situation. Additionally, as Labour leader, he seems to be linking key party ideologies to the events, and his experience with dealing with divisions within his own party may similarly prove dividends. With a wide array of politicians, from various backgrounds and opinions, vocalising their support for a meeting to discuss peace, it seems the overarching goal for the vast majority of these influencers may be to establish world peace, and in time where nationalism may be at the forefront of the focus, these interventions may be key in obtaining the necessary support to achieve this goal.

Whilst both Trump and Kim may be striving to act in their countries’ best interests, publicly showcasing the potential repercussions of the events may result in a wider reach, in turn resulting in more people understanding, and taking a stance, on the two countries. This may be the reasoning as to why many world leaders seem to have involved themselves, as in striving to bring the debate between the two nations to a brisk resolve, it may impact the pair to congregate at the negotiation table, as other leaders seem to have consistently done in similar situations, and unite under a common goal. If influencers such as Corbyn, and their followers, may play a role in mediating the situation, it may enable all countries to bypass geographical boundaries, and ultimately support the UN’s stance on nuclear technology.

How may the influence of other world leaders productively impact the situation?


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