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Prime Minister Theresa May seems to have been spearheading the response. Credit @CleveChris via Twitter.

In the immediate aftermath of the events at Parsons Green, British influencers seemed to rapidly implement a plan in order to ensure normality may be restored, whilst simultaneously, and perhaps more importantly, reducing the overall impact of the situation. Similarly to the actions of US politicians in the midst of Irma, this plan seemed to be effective in achieving its goal, as whilst the impact of Irma may have been larger, the efficiency of the emergency services seemed to play an integral part in ensuring this may have been the case. With the Government having now recently reduced the severity levels of the event, most notably due to their incarceration of the perpetrators, and with the rest of the country prioritising solidarity, Britain may be ensuring the potential impact of future events may continuously be reduced.

Other world leaders seemed to aim to provide input in order to benefit the situation, similarly to how Britain’s response to Irma may have contributed to the restoration of the areas. Amongst these leaders seemed to be Trump, yet whilst his tweets at face value seemed aimed at assisting Theresa May, he may have ultimately been striving to attain support for his own agenda, and with his comments also focusing on his ideologies surrounding travel from Islamist countries, he may have been prioritising himself as opposed to the British public. As such, in denouncing Trump, leader of an ally and amongst the most powerful influencers on the globe, she may have proven her overarching quest to serve the British public.

The country may have already been prepared for events of this calibre, due to similar situations at both Westminster and Manchester. During both of those predicaments, the severity of the overall impact seemed to be reduced due to the proficiency of the emergency responses, with their actions instrumental in saving lives. As such, they may have boasted the necessary experience to productively impact the situation, and with the police immediately dispatched to the scene, predominantly to contribute to restoring order, this suggestion seems to be emphasised. Furthermore, their actions may have highlighted the necessity for increased funding, and therefore whilst their assistance may have contributed to a rapid conclusion, it may have also enhanced the quest for further safety precautions.

The police response at Parsons Green. Credit

Whilst the actions of the emergency services may therefore deservedly claim the plaudits, the reaction of the general public seems to have also assisted the situation, and ensured a high standard of living may be restored. With the event broadcast by a wide array of television networks and news broadcasters, including multiple prime time transmissions projecting the situation, it may have naturally contributed in a wider breadth of people becoming impacted by, and ultimately striving to influence, the predicament. In addition, with the tube station part of the district line, which serves 60 stations over 40 miles, it may be important to continue to utilise this line in order to contribute to the return of normality, and show how the public unite in the face of adversity. With the station remaining open, and continuing to be used by passengers, it seems this goal may have been achieved.

Whilst naturally the effectiveness of the device has played an integral part in the reduction of the overall impact, the reaction of influencers, the emergency services and the rest of the general public may also be focussed on. With a productive use of both the immediate time frame after the event and the overall aftermath, a multitude of people who may have potentially been affected seem to have side-stepped the resulting impact entirely, and their quick retaliation in nullifying the perpetrators may have also paid dividends. As such, whilst the events may have been surpassed both globally and nationally due to recent predicaments, the unity showcased by the population may result in these events been left in memory rather than replicated, with the responses solely ensuring a stable, safer future as the necessity intensifies.

How may the response of both politicians and the public ensure these events may remain in memory rather than replicated?


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