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Becky found her own business under her name Becky Booth. She focused on Rapid Transformation Therapy to help her clients.

Becky Booth seems to have endured many challenges in life, however, she has taken these challenges and turned them into greater opportunities for herself.

Adopted as a baby and brought up in Dorset, she was sent to boarding school at the age of 10. In her early days, she dealt with emotional challenges of unable to fit in, comparing herself to others and found herself with a limited mindset. She was involved in alcohol and cannabis, eager to fit in and feel loved. However, uncaring of herself.

Aiming to turn her life around, she returned to her parents in Oslo and recovered from the addiction. She found work at the local 5* hotel as a cleaner where she was able to save money and returned to the UK. She found work in a rest home as a carer, which helped her have some connection with others. 

By 21, Becky had been in a stable relationship. However, soon realising it was a rather unloving relationship. Her partner had his own emotional challenges and became withdrawn from the relationship. Following the separating, Becky embarked on counselling to help her make the decision to leave the relationship as she felt disconnected and unloved.

This propelled Becky to have the confidence to train as a registered nurse at aged 25. She took another A level in Human Biology and achieved an A*. She was offered a job at a nursing home, worked hard and managed to buy her first house, enjoyed motorcycling with other women. Keen to feel loved again, Becky met someone over 10 years younger than herself, fell in love and married again in 2002. However, there were whispers of uncertainty throughout the relationship. Eventually, the relationship ended after 13 years, three children and another on the way.

As a single mother of three, and soon four, without money, zero self-esteem, and miles from any family, Becky did find true friends who offered help when she needed it. She was fortunate to find a little cottage to rent in North Dorset, close to friends, which offered Becky the confidence to get back on her feet. This started Becky on a journey of self-help and change.

Becky started researching online for support with her personal challenges. She wanted to succeed with her enterprise and become better at relating to others. She came across a company called Mindvalley, and a course called Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer. In this course, Marisa guides individuals through the eight key things successful people do differently, and there were hypnotherapy recordings to help make changes in thinking and habit more permanent. This led Becky to find out about Rapid Transformational Therapy which Marisa had started teaching – her own hybrid version of hypnotherapy, which uncovers the root causes of ones inner emotional challenges. The understanding of these causes enables one to make real change in ways of thinking, habit, and beliefs.

With her nursing background and desire to help and relate to others, this seemed a perfect opportunity for Becky. She started the training in January 2017 online. She linked up with others also training in this method and practiced on each other both face-to-face as well as over the internet via Face time and Skype.

In May 2017, Becky found her own business under her name Becky Booth. She focuses on Rapid Transformation Therapy to help her clients. Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid form of hypnotherapy. Becky finds out the real cause of any challenges and reframes the beliefs and understanding around this. This enables fast and permanent change to occur. Becky’s focus is on resolving emotional challenges of related symptoms such as agoraphobia, driving phobias, eating and sleeping challenges, limited self-confidence, and reduced self-esteem. She also uses other tools to release past emotional challenges. She offers hypnotherapy recording during the treatment session to help the mind allow the new beliefs and behaviour become permanent. Listening to it for at least 21 days embeds the mental habits needed for lasting change.

the Jupital had a chat with Becky and asked her some question about herself and business:

the Jupital: What do you do to keep yourself grounded and motivated in life?

“I often wonder what it means to be grounded!  I am an idealist, so often find myself looking at life amid flights of fancy through rose-tinted spectacles. Each day challenges ground me with a bump.  (It may be something as simple as finding my keys!). I tend to look at challenges I encounter as learning opportunities.”

the Jupital: What is your favourite quote?

“I like this one credited to Albert Einstein: “Life is a preparation for the future; and the best preparation for the future is to live as if there were none.”

 the Jupital: Tell us about a time when you almost gave up, how you felt about this, and what you did instead of giving up?

“I have a tenacious streak in me which keeps me pushing forward. I may be overwhelmed with feeling unable to put any more energy into something, even getting up in the morning.  Times like this feels paralysing and I feel unable to do anything, however, survival mode kicks in. Having children motivates me to keep going.  I abhor the idea their early memories of me might be of their needs unable to be met because of my personal challenge. The best remedy for me is to call on a friend who knows me well enough I am able to unload my feelings of being overwhelmed.  Talking through a situation with someone helps me find a different way of looking at it so I find a solution or at least a new perspective which takes away the paralysing feelings.” 

“The most challenging time for me was when I gave birth to my fourth child, alone.  The former in-laws were as supportive as they might have been, and drove me to the hospital and collected us when we were ready to return. Further support came from the midwives, friends, and friends of friends.  I also reached out to community support from a scheme called Homestart and had someone come and visit every week to help with practical things or take the children out for a walk.”

Becky continues to focus on helping others with their inner emotional challenges and works with them to increase their sense of self-worth and ability to cope with any situations in life. It offers Becky immense satisfaction to do so. She continues to work on herself and knows this enables her to be the best version of herself. Reaching her full potential by doing so, she is able to also help people in return. Being able to relate to her client’s challenges, Becky allows them to feel safe, secure and fully understood. Becky personally follows up with her clients regularly over with emails and phone calls to offer support and any guidance needed. To touch base with Becky and learn more about Rapid Transformation Therapy click here

She is also active on Facebook where one is able to get in touch with Becky as well:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/RTTwithBecky/community/

How might a single parent gain further support and motivation from groups and other supportive methods to step into a self-employed position?


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