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International self-help author Anne Jones. Credit@ Anne Jones

International self-help author Anne Jones, celebrates her birthday on Christmas Eve and she recalls several past birthdays when after baking yule log, mince pies and fruit cake, buying and wrapping presents, sending out hundreds of cards, making crackers, putting up decorations, prepping the vegetables and stuffing the turkey for the big day – she was exhausted to get off the sofa let alone go out and celebrate her big day. Over the years, she has learnt to create a better balance between planning, activity and downtime;  the Jupital spoke with Anne about her advice on how to keep the spirits up during the Christmas period:

the Jupital: What might individuals value the most during the festive period?

“This is a time to enjoy and absorb the love of friends and family. Value the act of celebrating the best of life and each other open heartedly. This is a time to be kind, with every caring thought and gift however small you are creating uplifting and light vibrations.”

the Jupital: How may one maintain health and wellbeing during the Christmas period?

“Planning is the key to success and these lists are essential. Allow enough time for the tasks and all your plans. Do the best you’re able to and make a positive intention to enjoy every minute.”

the JupitalFor those who far from celebrate the Christmas period, what other healthy options may there be out for them?

“We all need time for celebration in some way as an opportunity to uplift our spirits with appreciation and thanks. Spend time with and give thanks for something in your life you value, e.g. if you love animals volunteer for dog walking, if its people feed the hungry, if you love nature go rambling.”

Keeping happy and healthy at Christmas time! Credit@Anne Jones

Keeping happy and healthy at Christmas time! Credit@Anne Jones

the Jupital: With more awareness of mental health topics recently, how might family and friends deal with being supportive, uplifting and empathic of others who are may be dealing with mental conditions?

“Include them in all invitations however accept they may need some space. Take personal time out for them: spend some precious time alone with them and listen to their challenges away from others eliminating criticism and judgement. Tell them you love them.”

the Jupital: What is your own personal advice for those aiming to embrace healthy and productive Christmas season?

“Keep some quiet time between the gatherings and celebrations and allow recovery time for your body and mind. Keep within your own personal limits of activity, drinking, eating, and spending; put yourself in a bubble when sharing with contentious people and, above all else, keep focused on the joy of sharing and have fun!”

A final note from Anne, take a five-minute break to calm down and perform this short ritual to release the pressure.

  • Put feet firmly on the floor
  • Close eyes and breathe deeply and slowly four times
  • Your energy is unbalanced so spread the arms out and imagine you are gathering in all this vitality and dispersed energy and bringing it back to your core – your solar plexus.  Do this three times.
  • Use hands to sweep the burdens from the shoulders and neck and flick away this heavy energy. Do this three times.
  • Take another four deep slow breaths.
Anne Jones. Credi@ Anne Jones

Anne Jones. Credi@ Anne Jones

Anne Jones is an international author and key-note speaker.  Her self-help books have been translated into 17 languages. With her down to Earth style she helps her audiences and readers to find ways to cope with everyday emotional challenges. She offers practical advice on how to stay uplifted and energised as one faces the challenges of life. To learn more about Anne, please check out her website:

What other tips might there be to value the time at Christmas more productively?


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