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The two halves of Korea have united for the tournament, walking out together at the opening ceremony. Credit

With several sports in the middle of their seasons, opportunities may have arisen for a fresh event to commence, where a wide breadth of new fans may be attained. This may be due to the intrigue potentially generated, and the Winter Olympics seem to have adhered to this suggestion, with the tournament now underway. In the build up to the occasion, the situation in Korea seemed to perhaps claim the majority of the focus, and may, therefore, be an important factor about why the event may have generated publicity. With the unity showcased between the two halves of the nation, and the ability of the sport to bypass political boundaries perhaps the crowning glory, this suggestion may be reiterated. Yet, the events themselves may also warrant a level of focus, as with a multitude of athletes provided with opportunities to attain an Olympic medal, and with accomplished performances already showcased, the future of the tournament may be held in good stead.

With statisticians predicting the outcomes of the encounters prior to the tournament, it may suggest the favourites might have been superiorly equipped to achieve. Yet, there seems a wide array of proficient athletes in PyeongChang, all of whom may possess both the desired motivation levels and credentials to win. This includes seventeen-year-old Red Gerard, who emerged victorious in the men’s slopestyle, and with teams also sending large squads, including GB, opportunities seem plentiful.

This may be the reasoning behind why the event may be viewed and supported on a vast scale, with its difference to the Summer Olympics also a contributing factor. This may be because it highlights the importance of possessing different skill sets, and how people may be gifted and proficient in events due to consistent hard work. Pita Taufatofua maybe the main supporter of this suggestion, with his transition from summer Olympian in Rio to a competitor in PyeongChang elevating the credentials of the Winter Olympics further. With him also gaining a large reputation on social media, and therefore support for his exploits in the process, his appearance may be solely beneficial. This may also be the reasoning behind why the event seems widely accessible across a range of mediums, as celebrating diversity and differing skill sets may appeal to the masses. Furthermore, with the television broadcasting perhaps elevating credibility of the sport, it may also motivate a fresh influx of people to strive for a career in the games, as it may rapidly be becoming a more viable pathway.

Tongan athlete Pita Taufatofua is involved in the games after his transition from Olympian at Rio to competitor in Pyeongchang. Credit

Yet, whilst the results of the tournament thus far may claim the focus, it may be the overarching impact which might be increasingly noteworthy. The organisers seem to have shown their intelligence and adaptability to continue to drive the games forward and produce a successful tournament; with the debate around Russia ongoing, and with other situations surrounding weather and Korea arising throughout, it may have placed them in challenging circumstances. Yet, they seemed to thrive in this situation, and relish it, continuing to showcase innovation and adaptability in the quest to provide fans with a competitive competition.

Whilst some events have concluded, and the medals already attained, the majority of competitions are yet to occur, and as such athletes may be seeking to use this period productively to hone their tactics prior to their involvements. This may be increasingly important if the Winter Olympics strives to draw alongside its summer counterparts, as competitiveness and strength in depth may be key traits required for success at the pinnacle. Whilst the latter may naturally claim a wider degree of the focus, most notably due to the prior establishment, and the resulting history, and the larger levels of funding, the Winter Olympics may be laying the foundations for equilibrium to ultimately be achieved. With the necessity for people to become involved in sports intensifying, due to factors such as the NHS and obesity levels, highlighting a differing pathway into sport may be pivotal.

Why might the Winter Olympics importance in providing a fresh sporting outlook and therefore opportunities for the masses?


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