What is a friend?

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Written by Nikiya Cooper, Aged 9 years

What is friendship to you? These are the values that I think make a good friend and the qualities a true friend would have.

  • Someone who you can trust.
  • Someone who is loyal who would stick by you.
  • Someone who is honest with you.
  • Someone who is very supportive.
  • Someone who you have something in common with.

Trusting someone is absolutely positively important. Trust is necessary to feel connected to others. Trust has to be natural; trust is something that happens over a period of time. It should just happen; you will know it like a sixth sense. Trusting is a really big thing – only some people are worthy of your trust, and those people are probably the ones who will be the most caring toward you, the ones who will always be there for you in whatever way they can. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is trust to you?
  • Who do you trust?
  • Why do you trust them?
  • How do you know they are trustworthy?
  • Are you trustworthy?
  • How do you know?

What is loyalty? For me loyalty is when somebody has your back. They are your right-hand man, who would do many things with you and for you. Being loyal is an extremely special thing. When you are loyal it feels amazingly awesome, and it is really good to have someone there to help try and make sure that you are okay. You have their back and they’ve got yours. I love being loyal to the ones that are closest to me because it helps support the trust in our relationship. Loyalty is a massive thing. It’s nice to have someone stand by you in a time of need.

  • What is loyalty to you?
  • Why do you think that?
  • Who is loyal to you?
  • How do you know they are loyal?
  • Are you loyal?
  • Who are you loyal to?
  • How do you know you are loyal?

Honesty is a great thing to have in a friendship. The thing is, without honesty, your whole friendship is based on far from the truth. You might have a different opinion to what you will hear all the time however if they have your best interest at heart, they are only looking out for you. Sometimes we ask for it through literally sometimes saying, “What do you think, honestly?’’ What they say might affect you however they are trying to be helpful and their opinion might make a difference, for the better.

  • What is honesty to you?
  • Are you honest?
  • Do you think your friends are honest with you?

Being supportive and receiving support is kind of like loyalty, the one who is supportive gives encouragement and wants the best for you. It is a voice saying, “You can do it, go on try again,” a voice telling you to push on. Support is like when you have fallen over in life, the person helps you make sure you are okay and helps you get back up. They make you stand a little taller, be a little prouder. Supporting someone is a lovely feeling, encouraging them is a beautiful thing, and when they succeed it makes you stand a little taller too.

  • Who gives you support?
  • How do they do it?
  • How do you support others?
  • Why?

Lastly common likeness, something you have in common with your friend(s) is probably a massively big part of your relationship. Opposites do attract however the tiniest thing that you have to share in common could help a lot. My friend and I have a lot in common and we are VERY close – we are like sisters, the dynamic duo.

I hope this inspires you to look at yourself.

  • What sort of friends do you have?
  • What sort of friend are you?
  • Are you a good friend?
  • Could I become a better friend?

Even if someone has yet to be your friend, it always helps to be friendly towards him or her. A friendly quality given to everyone can be the one positive thing that has happened in someone’s day.

What do you think makes a great friend?


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