What is it like to be a teacher?

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By Nikiya Cooper, aged 9 years

I like being able to learn and I like my teachers, so I thought it would be a fun topic to write about.

What is a teacher? Well, to me a teacher is more than the ones you get in class. Your teacher is everyone and everything; inanimate things can teach you, such as TVs, radio and computers. Your family and friends can teach you and even people. You are even your own teacher because you are learning new things.

Being a teacher is a beautiful thing. Teachers will guide you, help you and educate you. A good teacher is someone who will listen and ask questions to try to understand you and what you need to blossom into something beautiful. They will try to show you a better or alternative way and support you on your journey to finding you. If you are one of those people who will take a person under your wing, it is a great quality to have.

Teachers have an important role in society. They help to create the foundations to help us go forward into society. It is good to learn and evolve and if you are a part of that, you will feel great. To be a teacher is a lovely thing. I for one like learning, which makes my teacher all the more important to me. The best bit about teaching is the ability to be able to inspire and enlighten. As a teacher, you are around kids and maybe adults all the time. If you like younger children and making things fun for them, then you would be an interesting teacher who could make the experience even more amazing and captivating.

Now, what I think would make a great teacher is someone who can make things fun but be stern. A learning experience is something to try and remember because it is food for your future.

Teachers are more important than we give them credit for, I think. They have one of the most important roles in society. Some children have to work hard to try and get an education, so we are very lucky. Take Malala for instance, she had to fight for the right to have an education while it is something that is a part of our daily routine. Learning is essential for the young mind, and teachers are so important in that sense. A teacher is to me one of the most rewarding jobs anyone might have.

My teacher is called Mr. Campbell; I think he is funny, calm and relaxed, yet firm and assertive. I have had him for one half-term and so far I think that he is a good teacher. I did a very short interview with him. Below are the questions and responses.

So I asked Mr. Campbell:

The Positive: What is it like to be a teacher?

Mr. Campbell: I think it is great. The opportunity to help children learn and mould their future; it is a fantastic thing. Being a teacher is a very rewarding job.

The Positive: How do you think teaching benefits a child?

Mr. Campbell: It opens up their eyes and makes them have a better chance of having a great future.

The Positive: What would you say to any child who would like to become a teacher when they grow up?

Mr. Campbell: Go for it!

The Positive: So there you go; what it is like being a teacher from a real teacher. What are your thoughts about teaching and education? What is your teacher like?

Mr. Campbell: I hope this can help you to see that we are lucky to have teachers and an education. Make the most of it. Have a great school year!

Who is your favourite teacher at school and why?


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