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Wingman's new and innovative condom design won the prestigious iF Gold Award 2014: WingmanCondoms

There was a surprising victor in this year’s iF Gold Award 2014 as a condom manufacturer claimed the award. Judged by experts and designers, Wingman condoms was presented the award based on the quality of design, degree of innovation, safety, universality and particularly the user-friendliness of the product. The prestigious prize known as the ‘Oscar for product design’ celebrates the 50 best new product designs in the world and has seen previous winners in Nokia, Apple, Porsche and Phillips.

It is the first time a condom has claimed the award in 60 years and could mark the next advancement in modern day sexual health. American research from Sanders in 2011 concluded that ordinary condoms have a 75% success rate, with common mishaps such as putting a condom on the incorrect way making up 13% to 15% of complications. Wingman set out to devise a simpler, more effective method of condom use.

Sexy is rarely a word associated with putting on a condom, with the average condom coming with an instruction book and set of guidelines such as squeezing the air out of the tip, avoiding contact with nails and checking whether it is the right way up.

Wingman, however, have created an easier, comfortable design. The Wingman, as suggested, has “wings” which allows the condom to be put on with one hand, in the dark and without touching the condom itself to decrease potential ripping. Open the condom packaging as usual, hold the plastic wings to pull it over the penis and to the bottom of the shaft before discarding of the wings once the condom is in place. The condom material has been developed so that is it thinner for a more natural feel, a safe possibility due to the design of putting on the condom without hand contact to the condom itself.

The Wingman design enables condom users to use one hand and avoid touching the condom itself: WIngmanCondoms

The design enables condom users to use one hand.

More than three quarters of new users of the Wingman product has described it as the best condom they have ever used. It was this high consumer rating that pushed the product from claiming the iF Product Design Award in January to receiving the ‘Gold’ award in Munich last week. There are a host of condom designs on offer, all of which are tailored to suit individual preferences.
The Okamoto Crown Skinless condom. One of the most popular designs on the market due to its acclaimed sensitivity, reliability and comfort. Produced in Japan it has a trademarked pink tint and has a natural scent as opposed to the latex styles. Durex Extra Sensitive condom. The bestselling latex condom on the market and the most renowned brand in safe sex.

The Impulse Bare Pleasure condom is the best-selling condom in the ribbed and studded market, helping to supply spine tingling sensations. Lifestyles Warming condom. Adding experiences of light warmth to sex this condom is designed to bring a more sensual feeling.

Iron Grip condoms. As the name suggests this condom brands itself on having an ideal fit, snug and tight to avoid the possibility of condoms slipping off. Lifestyles KYNG. This condom comes in an unusual bulb-like shape but the design is perfect for those who often feel restricted and enclosed by wearing a condom. The bulkier head is comfy and adds light pleasure to both partners.

All condoms on the market are safe, secure and designed to help increase your pleasure. Now that the Wingman has added the dimension of practicality and an advancement in safe sex, we could see other manufactures take suit and apply wings to their most popular condoms.

What is your favourite condom design and why?


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