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Macron and May recently met for talks surrounding Brexit and a union between their respective nations. Credit @UK in Barbados via Facebook.

With Brexit talks ongoing, it seems the negotiations, and the aftermath which occurs, may continuously be at the forefront of focus in Britain. With one of the most prominent factors for voters during last year’s general election surrounding Brexit, this suggestion seems re-emphasised. Yet, with Emmanuel Macron recently visiting the UK for talks with Theresa May, it seems the EU may be a focal point for a multitude of European countries, and with the French leader outlining Britain might attain a special deal with the EU, it seems advancements may be occurring. With the referendum result ultimately near to evenly divided, Macron’s involvement may be pivotal in creating stability as the necessity intensifies.

In visiting the UK for the first time this week, Macron may be prioritising attaining a productive and efficient working relationship with Theresa May, as this may productively impact both nations. Naturally, this might also provide him with an influx of support from the French population, as he seems to be representing them across Europe and striving to make their voices heard; yet, this visit may more notably impact the rest of the EU member states. With the Brexit deal perhaps having the potential to impact the relationship the UK has with these nations, maintaining solidarity may be increasingly pivotal, and in aiming to achieve this with Macron, who represents a nation geographically near to Britain, it may motivate other leaders to act similarly. Furthermore, with Macron suggesting a deal may be negotiated surrounding Brexit, this suggestion may be emphasised, and with May seemingly in challenging circumstances as a result of her cabinet reshuffle, accomplishing in this period may be pivotal in cementing a tenure extension. The announcement itself may be important in showcasing the British public the repercussions of Brexit, and in openly showcasing to the public how negotiations may be occurring, it might lead to increased stability. With Macron also seemingly realistic in outlining how it might occur, referring to factors such as the single market, it might reassure the public further, as they might have more credible and real information. This may resonate more profoundly due to the recent debate surrounding public, and parliamentary, involvement in the final Brexit deal, and in therefore adhering to their needs, and elevating their knowledge, further solidarity may be attained. With Macron’s interview also easily accessible on the BBC who, as an established and recognisable broadcaster may already possess the ability to impact on a vast scale, Macron might ultimately be having a calming effect on the nation.

Macron at previous EU talks, where he has been an advocate. Credit @Pinterest.com.

Yet, Macron seems to most notably be prioritising the advance of his own country, continuing to implement the ideologies which seemed to originally enable him to win the election. In many ways, his ideologies might be considered similar to Donald Trump’s, with both perhaps striving to advance their nation’s social standing in comparison to other countries, with an elevation in living standards occurring in the process. Therefore, Macron might be aiming to showcase the benefits of the EU to advance his own agenda, as considering he believes France benefits from the union, he might be striving for a Brexit deal which superiorly impacts him. If he achieves this, or alters Britain’s stance entirely, he might be honing his credentials further, and appealing to the French population due to his decision to place France at the forefront.

Ultimately, this debate, whilst naturally showcasing the status of Macron, as his speeches seem to hold gravitas, it might also suggest May’s negotiating ability might be amongst her prominent traits as a leader. With the general election and her recent cabinet reshuffle perhaps superiorly impacting her rivals, in showcasing her ability to unite with other leaders, her position may be solidified, resulting in increased bargaining power during negotiations. With the final deal scheduled for 2019, there seems ample time for a further compromise to occur. Therefore, in showcasing how the UK might productively impact member nations with trade deals, and in highlighting the willingness of May to compromise, Britain may be making advancements towards a Brexit outcome accepted by the masses.

Why might Macron’s visit hold increased credibility due to his position as French leader?


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